About Us

Hello and welcome to InstaFreeze Meals! We are so happy to have you here! Our names are Marci and Maegan and we are a sister team on a mission to make your lives easier.

Our Story

We love to cook, LOVE IT!  Creating family memories around the dinner table is one of the most important things in our day-to-day lives and we cherish the laughter and fun conversations that happen there.

Unfortunately, "joy" and "laughter" can be a challenging mood to create when dinner time often has us multitasking at a ridiculous rate.  Most moms/caregivers know that making dinner is often accompanied by tired babies, misbehaving toddlers, homework, phone calls, food spills, dirty dishes, and stress levels through the roof.  That's before we even sit down to eat!

By the time we sit for our meal, we're too exhausted to even enjoy it.

Fast forward to dinner clean-up.  Ugh.  So many dishes.  Our kids do their part to clean up, but as mothers, we are always the last ones to leave the kitchen.  Often we find ourselves upset at the time we spend in the kitchen when we'd rather be relaxing and playing with our families.

As much as we love cooking and eating good food, these things can take away precious time from our families and cause us to feel resentful about this particular motherly task.

We decided it was time to really get serious about food prep and freezer meal cooking in an attempt to lighten our meal time load.  Not just any freezer meals . . . Instant Pot Freezer Meals!

Freezer Meals and the Instant Pot are a match made in heaven!  An Instant Pot will turn a frozen block of ice into dinner faster, easier, and safer than the stovetop, microwave, or slow cooker.  Upon discovering this trick, our lives truly changed for the better.

We want to share this life-saving trick with anyone and everyone who is feeling the heavy load of getting healthy and delicious food on the table night after night.  After brainstorming how to convey this info to you, we decided the best way would be to do it for you!  And just like that, InstaFreeze was born!

For years now we've been prepping our meals this way and know first hand how life-changing it can be to pull a healthy dinner from the freezer and literally have it cooking in less than a minute.  With freezer meals on hand, there is less shopping, less prep, and less cleanup which means more time to be present and calm when our family surrounds us.

I can't wait for you to try this system of meal prep!

Our Mission

As busy moms ourselves, we get it!  We want our lives to be filled with as many sweet memories as possible!  Our mission here at InstaFreeze Meals is to help you prepare healthy, wholesome, and delicious tasting meals for your freezer so you can cherish more time with your loved ones.  Eating healthy, wholesome food in a joy-filled home with those we love is of the highest priority in our lives, let's make it a reality for us all!

Meet the Owners

Marci Buttars

Marci Buttars is a Family Nurse Practitioner/Food Blogger and loves to create unique, wholesome recipes that are bursting with memorable flavor! She is the co-author of two Instant Pot cookbooks, Master the Electric Pressure Cooker and Instantly Sweet.  She is a wife to her adventure-loving husband and mother to one sweet girl and two high-energy twin boys.  Her greatest passions in life are her family, cooking, running, and motorcycle adventures with her husband.

Maegan McFarlane

Maegan McFarlane obtained a social work degree with the hopes of helping families become stronger. She hopes Instafreeze meals will take the stress out of the evenings and help families spend time together. She is a full-time mom of 2 high-energy boys and two sweet baby girls. She loves spending time with her hunter, fisher, and outdoor enthusiast husband. Her passions in life include her family, the outdoors, running, and finding new foods to cook that her family will enjoy.