healthy, wholesome, flavorful freezer meals, from the freezer to your Instant Pot in seconds

How Our Meals Work

Meals go straight from your freezer to the pot. No thawing required!
Each meal is 3-4 servings. Cook 2 at a time for 6-8 servings
Add liquid and hit start. Dinner cooking in less than 30 seconds!
Enjoy the easiest, most delicious homemade meal with your loved ones!

What we offer


Order your meals online and get them delivered right to your doorstep! We currently deliver to the following counties: Utah, Salt Lake, Weber, Cache, and Davis.


Stop by the store any time to grab some meals!  Our freezer meals are an easy, wholesome alternative to the drive-thru and take less than a minute to start cooking.


Order meals online then pickup in-store. Call us when you get there and we can even bring them out to your car!

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Why You Will Love InstaFreeze Meals

Eat Fresher With Pressure

Unlike many of the options in the freezer aisle, our family friendly meals start with whole, fresh ingredients, that are immediately frozen to preserve nutrients. Your meals will taste like a trip straight from the market!

Save Time And Money

Dinner prep under a minute? How does that sound after a long work day?! Press start on your Instant Pot and kick up your legs or play with your family. Did we mention all the money you'll save by skipping on takeout? Spend that money on a well deserved vacation instead.

What Others Are Saying

We have LOVED these meals as a family. That says something considering 3 of the 5 are picky eaters. - Lisa
Delicious, easy meals. Different recipes than your standard Instant Pot or Freezer meals. - Michelle
InstaFreeze Meals have been amazing! They are full of flavors and ingredients that I never would have thought to go together, but do! - Elysia
We have loved all the meals. My husband is very thankful for them, he was tired of eating fast food. - Michelle